Friday, December 28, 2007

Playing with Daddy's Glasses

Don't I look smart?

Christmas in Austin

At the Annual Christmas Eve-Eve Bowling Tournament at the infamous Dart Bowl near the UT campus in Austin, I bowled, George chased G&J, and G&J thoroughly wore themselves out running around like maniacs.

Jake on Christmas Eve in his annual Christmas PJs. Grace was not quite so happy to have her picture taken.

Santa brought us lots of fun stuff to play with on Christmas morning.

We were so tired from our Christmas adventures that we slept almost all the way home from Austin on Christmas afternoon.

Santa visited our house too! We still haven't figured out that our kitchen isn't really a jungle gym.

We had a blast but are all exhausted. The house is a mess from all the packages, Mommy is sick, and G&J are being rather rascally today. Off to do some cleaning and organizing... Mommyhood really is a 24/7 job!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Introducing Clare McMillin O.

Grace and Jacob are going to have a baby sister! Her name will be Clare McMillin O. Clare is the name we planned to use with Grace if Jacob had been a girl, and we love it so much we decided to use it for this baby. McMillin is a family name (my middle name, Gree-gree's middle name, etc), and we decided to pass it along. Here she is...

What happens when Daddy is in charge...

Need I say more?