Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh, This Hair!

Clare definitely inherited my hair (so did Grace).  Neither of the girls got Daddy’s nice thick hair.  They both got my thin, part wavy, part straight uber-cowlicky, crazy hair.  Brushing only tames the craziness for a few minutes, and both girls pull out clips faster than I can put them in.   What’s a girl to do?



Sunday, September 27, 2009

STH Homecoming Tailgate Party

As an alumnus of St. Thomas High School, George stays pretty involved in the school’s happenings. Last Friday we went to the campus for the pre-homecoming game tailgate party. It was a pretty good time and the kids definitely had fun running around. I had to scrounge up the only red shirts we had for Clare (4th of July) and Grace (Christmas). Oh well, it’s the spirit that counts.

This baby goes everywhere with Clare. She even wakes up in the middle of the night calling “Baby, Baby!”


These two were refusing to look at the camera all evening. At least George got them both looking in one direction.


I can’t believe the twins are almost 4!


Hanging out with Daddy!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smash Trash

Jacob loves the movie Wall-E and likes to pretend that he is indeed Wall-E.  The other day I hear all kinds of noise coming from the Toy Room.  I walk in there about to get mad, see Jake piling every single toy in there in the center of the room, but I paused to first ask Jake what in the world he is doing.  He tells me with the proudest look on his face, “Mommy, I’m smashing trash.”  I couldn’t be mad when I saw the look on his face.  Instead, I went and got the camera.  Fun times!


And a bonus… Clare put on Grace’s ballerina skirt all by herself and was running around so proud!  (Excuse her dirty shirt, we just ate dinner and were heading upstairs for baths.)


Sunday, September 20, 2009


A couple of weekends ago we were all itching to get out of the house, so I packed a picnic lunch, we stopped at Academy to get a fishing license, and then we went to a park near our house to fish.  The twins didn’t really have the attention span and patience to fish for very long, so we spent a lot of time exploring.  A group across the pond caught a really big catfish, so we walked around to see it before they released it.  The kids thought it was pretty neat!

Clare getting excited about the ducks.  It looks like she is trying to dive in, but she was just bouncing up and down in place.


Enjoying her lunch in the shade.


This duck wasn’t scared at all.  He/she let the kids pet it!


Worms don’t bother this one!


This duck was literally the same size as Clare.


We brought her Cozy Coupe to keep Clare occupied.  She tried to drive it into the lake.


Fishing with Daddy


I love how Grace has her hand on Daddy’s knee.  So sweet!