Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nature & Fine Arts Kickoff

We had our first meeting of Fine Arts Club and Nature Club this week.  The kids really had fun and were worn out by the end.  They are getting to be troopers.  Last year, we never made it through the whole day.  We usually only stayed for the morning session and left after lunch.  Today we stayed almost to the very end.  Here is our day in photo:

At the beginning, the twins were fascinated with their magnifying glasses.  They also got recognized for keeping their plants from the spring alive through the summer.  Yay us!


Learning about composting and what makes good soil.


Eating some good soil.  It has clay (peanut butter), sand (brown sugar), worms (gummy worms), and I can’t remember what the chocolate chips were supposed to be.

IMG_3582 IMG_3583 IMG_3585

After the morning half was over, we ate lunch, played, and then settled down for art study.  We started out with a lesson on Bach.  Clare and her friend Lia had fun coloring during picture study.  The artist was Giotto. 

IMG_3586 IMG_3593

After picture study, we made egg paint.  This is what Giotto used to paint many years ago.  The kids ground up chalk and mixed it with a little egg yolk and water. 


Here they are painting with the egg paints that they made.  Grace loved this part!  We will definitely have to do this again at home!