Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our Very First Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went to our parish’s Easter egg hunt. It was the first egg hunt that G&J have participated in and I really think they had a blast. They were really well behaved about waiting for the hunt to start. Jake darted right out and started putting eggs in his basket. Grace was a little unsure at first but picked up the pace and ended up with just as many eggs as Jake. Mommy and Daddy had fun too, although it was a bit hard for Mommy to find a place to stay off her feet. Fortunately, the hunt was pretty quick and we weren’t out there long.

Arriving at the Hunt
More Waiting...
Waiting with Daddy...
More Waiting with Daddy
Still Waiting...
They're Off!
Pausing for a moment
Grace in Action
Admiring her stash
Right After the Hunt
Opening the First Eggs
Open, please!
Not so sure about the Skittles

We had a great time! I’m anticipating a sugar high for the next several days. Might be interesting around here…