Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clare Walking

Got this video of Clare at the pool this afternoon!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Clare’s First Steps

Clare finally took her “official” first steps on Sunday at the pool.  It is amazing how different kids are!  She is so different from either G or J.  Grace walked at 10 months and Jake at 11 months, but they didn’t talk much until they were close to 2.  Clare is later with mobility milestones but much more talkative.  She says so many words!  She’ll even point to the backyard and say “swing”.  She loves to swing in my lap.  She says bye bye, hi, dada, mama, Juhjuh (Jacob), Gah (Grace), Emma, eat, swing, outside, slide, shoe, eye, nose, foot, ball, and much more!  She is so much fun and growing so fast!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stair Climbing


Need I say more?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy’s Day!

After a rough start to our day (and if you witnessed our Mass behavior you know what I’m talking about), we ended up spending a relaxing afternoon out and about.  We went and picked up a bottle of wine at World Market and did some browsing at Best Buy (the twins loved the media area with all the movies on dozens of huge TVs).  Then we rode the trolley to the Waterway and ate dinner at a restaurant on the water and had some ice cream after we rode the trolley back.  We got home in time to get everyone ready for bed and either asleep or in their beds by 8:30.  Of course, as I type this, Clare is waking up.  That kid just doesn’t want to sleep without me beside her. 

Waiting for the trolley, you can see it coming up the street


Watching out the trolley window


The whole crew


Coloring at the restaurant with Daddy


Daddy and his first girl


Miss Clarey Beary


Mommy and Jakey


Clare can color!


Checking out the fish


Look closely and you can see tons of fish!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding Photos

Back in April, the twins were in George’s cousin Tina’s wedding.  The pics just went up on the photographer’s website this past week.  Here are the ones of the kids.

320_Chebret_0139 320_Chebret_0140 320_Chebret_0142 320_Chebret_0144 320_Chebret_0145 320_Chebret_0146 320_Chebret_0148 320_Chebret_0149 320_Chebret_0152 320_Chebret_0202 320_Chebret_0221 320_Chebret_0222 320_Chebret_0230 320_Chebret_0306 320_Chebret_0307 320_Chebret_0520 320_Chebret_0521 320_Chebret_0522 320_Chebret_0539 320_Chebret_0540 320_Chebret_0541 320_Chebret_0706 320_Chebret_0707 320_Chebret_0729 320_Chebret_0730 320_Chebret_0731 320_Chebret_0732 320_Chebret_0750 320_Chebret_0751 320_Chebret_0945 320_Chebret_0946 320_Chebret_1002

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last T-Ball Game

This morning we had our last T-Ball game of the season.  I think, in retrospect, that the twins weren’t quite ready for group sports.  We definitely spent more time playing in the sand than we did on the field, but we still had fun and that’s what counts.  I’m looking forward to next year! 

With Daddy before the game


Playing in the wagon, she’s getting so big!


Getting an early start


Sweet Boy


She’s getting so big!  (Did I say that already?)


She wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get a good one


Go Jake!


Headed Home


Giving Coach five


With her trophy


And His


Enjoying Celebratory cupcakes


Our Team went to Chuck E Cheese after the game.  All the kids had fun, even Clare who enjoyed scooting around, pulling up on all the games, and pulling kids’ tickets out of the games while they were playing.


This one had them totally mesmerized.


Mommy and Clare


Daddy and Clare


Mommy, Clare, Daddy, Jake, and Grace’s Pigtail


We finished up the day with a Spaghetti Dinner in honor of St. Anthony of Padua’s feast day.  He’s our parish’s patron saint.  We had a good time and the kids enjoyed running around the gym with their friends.  It was a busy but fun family day!