Monday, February 20, 2006

On the Move, Part II

So today I change Grace's diaper and put her on the gym mat to play, pick up Jake, and take him to change his diaper. Well I get him on the changing table and take his diaper off and then hear "Wahhhhhhhh!" coming from the other room. So I turn around to see what happened and no Grace. Uh oh... I grab Jake (no diaper, luckily I didn't get peed on) and run into the other room. Grace had rolled off the gym mat, off the rug, and across the wood floor, under Jake's swing and bonked her head on the floor or the wall (I'm not sure which). So I set Jake down on the gym mat (still no diaper, luckily he didn't pee), pick Grace up, and comfort her. I think she startled herself more than anything because there wasn't a scratch or mark to be found. She must have rolled about 8 feet. That's pretty far for a four-month-old. Silly girl. Needless to say I have moved the Pack 'n Play into our bedroom so I have a safe place to put her when I need to do something. ...And the babyproofing begins...

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