Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Cutest Thing

The cutest thing happened at Mass yesterday. There is this family that always sits across from us in the foyer of the church (mom, dad, son & daughter). Yesterday, the mom and daughter were there (not sure where the dad and son were) . Anyway, every week this girl loves to watch the babies, but she is very shy. Last week she finally got up the courage to ask what Grace's name was. This week she was coloring by George and Jake. She held out a little brown crayon for Jake. He sort of batted at it and it fell on the ground. The little girl picked it up and went over to her mom. She seemed so sad and said, "Mommy, he doesn't want to color." Her mom told her that he was too little to color. The little girl said, "But Mommy, I gave him the littlest one." It was so adorable! She thought that since he was little, if she gave him her littlest crayon he would be able to color. It was so cute!

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