Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Girly Girl & Silly Boy strike again!

Tonight I went to dinner at P.F. Chang's with the neighbors. I put this dress on Grace because her clothes were pretty dirty. I hardly ever dress her up in such girly clothes, so I thought it appropriate to take a picture commemorating the occasion. I could not get her to keep the hat on long enough to get a decent picture. Not to mention, Jake kept taking the hat off of her and trying to put it on himself. That did not make for a happy girl!

If you notice in the background of the photos, Grace and Jake were quite the little whirlwinds today. Yes, we make a mess everyday, but today was one for the record books. They scattered toys and clothes all over the entire house, threw the cushions from the couch all over the place, and totally wore me out all the while! Now I just hope they both sleep all night (and maybe they could even sleep in a little bit, yeah right!).

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