Friday, August 10, 2007

Major Massive Super Update

Yes, yes... I know... I am a terribly inconsistent blogger, and to my readers (all 2 of you), I apologize. I will try to be better (try being the operative word). That being said, we have been up to quite a lot lately. We have been trying to get approved for a mortgage and just got word this week that we are approved! We are going tomorrow to look at 4-6 different houses in The Woodlands area. Please keep us in your prayers that we find just the right house! Grace and Jake are getting so big and busy. Grace says lots of words, and Jake seems to love throwing temper tantrums. We also have an apple obsession. You'll see what I mean when you look at the photos below. I'll let them speak for themselves. Hopefully, a house-hunting update will appear tomorrow.

Jake, Hard at Work

Grace being a ham

Yay for swimming with apples!

Grace jumping with apple

Jake jumping with apple

Jake swimming with Mommy & the apple

Grace, Mommy's Sunglasses, Apple

Jake, Apple, Popsicle

Grace, Popsicle, Apple

Coloring Apples

Do you want to color?

With Uncle Joe


Sleeping Beauty

Not so sure about these arm floaties...

What the heck is Tee Ball?

More Work!

Sleepy Man

We love each other!

I hope you noticed the apples. We are finally over our obsession, but Grace and Jake carried around apples for quite awhile. Grace only did for maybe a day and a half, but Jake carried around the apple for the better part of a week. He even slept with it!

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