Monday, October 13, 2008

A Conversation with Grace

At dinner last night...

Grace: I a girl, Jake a boy, Daddy a boy, Mommy a girl.

Me: What's Baby Clare?

Grace: Baby Clare a baby!

Me: That's right. She is a baby. She's a baby girl.

Grace: No, me girl. Baby Clare baby.

Me: Baby Clare is a baby and a girl, she's a baby girl. Just like Emma is a girl dog.

Grace: Emma not girl. Emma a dog.

Me: Emma is a girl dog.

Grace: No, Emma a puppy.

Me: Emma is a girl puppy, just like Mommy is a girl, and you are a girl, and Baby Clare is a girl.

Grace: Baby Clare not girl, she baby.

...This continues in a circular fashion. Grace is quite insistent that Emma and Clare are not girls. It was the cutest conversation though!

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