Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween from all of us!

We took the kids trick or treating at the local village center. They seemed to enjoy it although we didn't make it through the whole thing because Grace's Snow White shoes were giving her blisters. When George started carrying her, Jake wanted to be held too, so we ended up heading back to the car. Then we spent the evening at our street's Halloween block party, got the kids to bed at around 9:30, and crashed ourselves.

Our Little Thomas and Snow White

Resting her weary feet

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  1. I love your kids so much! I had no idea that I could love children so much.... I mean, I work and volunteer with them regularly and think that they are precious, but the love that I feel for my nieces and nephew go beyond that. I want to take them home regularly (as long as I can return them). Nels and I had so much fun at "Climb Play" with the twins. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them... I have a serious addiction and feel like I am going through withdrawals without Grace, Jake and The Potato!