Monday, October 19, 2009

Our “A Day Out With Thomas” Weekend

We had so much fun at the Day Out With Thomas event last year that we decided to do it again this year.  We even had some wonderful friends join us which made the whole experience even better.  Despite a late start and setting up the tents in the dark, everything went very smoothly.  There is definitely another camping trip in our future!

We arrived around 10pm on Friday night, got all the tents and bedding set up, and went to bed.  We woke up on Saturday morning, sat around the campfire to stay warm, and ate muffins.  Everyone got dressed.  We had one minor accident involving a busted eyebrow, and then we took the short walk over to the tracks for our train ride.  After our train ride we did a few activities and then walked back to the campsite for lunch.  Then we went back and did some more activities and had some snowcones.   We went back to the campsite to relax and eat again while the kids played.  We went to a nearby town for Mass and some supplies.  I got to go to confession with a really wonderful priest.  One of my highlights of the trip!  After a quick stop at WalMart, we went back to the campsite for dinner and s’mores.  Everyone was exhausted after such a busy day!  Sunday morning we woke up to a great campfire, ate breakfast, packed up the tents, walked over to the Thomas activities for one last visit, and headed home.  Clare slept the entire way home!  We even went to the Y for a workout and to the grocery store that afternoon.  It really was one of the best weekends we’ve ever had!

Reading a “Thomas” bedtime story with Daddy


Sharing a breakfast banana with Daddy


Morning campfire for warmth


Muffins for breakfast


All Aboard!


Almost ready to leave


Going for a ride


Big sister


That whistle was loud!


Playing with all the trains




Jake’s new friend


Napping on Mommy during the hayride




Twin Tattoos


Keeping warm by the fire


Relaxing with Daddy after a busy day


Family Photo with Thomas


…and Sir Topham Hatt!



  1. I love the shot on the train of the entire family. Too cute. You are working hard to create great memories. You are such a great mom! Thanks again for sharing the pictures here.

  2. Megan - I know George from work and saw a couple of pictures from your Thomas weekend that he uploaded on Facebook. After seeing your blog (with more pictures)I've decided to buy tickets for our family this weekend. I hope we have just as much fun as you and your family! But I will say that you and George are more brave than me and my husband - we aren't ready to attempt camping! - Jessica Faddis

  3. I am so glad we could share it with you. This was our family's first camping trip and now I know this will not be our last. Daniel is still asking about Thomas. He was looking for him in the bathtub when he realized his tattoo washed off. Oh well, he doesn't nedd it, he will probably have a permanent reminder anyways- his busted eyebrow :-). It looks pretty good actually. Thanks for a great time.