Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To the Zoo with Daddy

One of my parenting tactics: when we go somewhere often, but I don’t want to do or buy something every time, I tell the kids we can only do it with Daddy.  So at the zoo, I tell them we can only ride the carousel with Daddy.  This is actually true, as I don’t think I could juggle all three safely.  We also only buy treats when Daddy is with us.  Because of these rules and their general excitement with the zoo, the kids have been begging to go to the zoo with Daddy.  We finally had the chance, and after two failed attempts a couple of Saturdays ago due to no parking, we got up the next day and went a few minutes before it opened.  I think we were about the fifth space from the entrance, yay! 

Here we are waiting for the zoo to open:


And on the carousel (Clare wouldn’t sit on an animal after all)


Brushing goats


Playing prairie dog


Crawling through the aquarium tunnel

First, Grace


Then Clare


Then Jake


It was a fun day with Daddy.

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