Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy’s Day!

After a rough start to our day (and if you witnessed our Mass behavior you know what I’m talking about), we ended up spending a relaxing afternoon out and about.  We went and picked up a bottle of wine at World Market and did some browsing at Best Buy (the twins loved the media area with all the movies on dozens of huge TVs).  Then we rode the trolley to the Waterway and ate dinner at a restaurant on the water and had some ice cream after we rode the trolley back.  We got home in time to get everyone ready for bed and either asleep or in their beds by 8:30.  Of course, as I type this, Clare is waking up.  That kid just doesn’t want to sleep without me beside her. 

Waiting for the trolley, you can see it coming up the street


Watching out the trolley window


The whole crew


Coloring at the restaurant with Daddy


Daddy and his first girl


Miss Clarey Beary


Mommy and Jakey


Clare can color!


Checking out the fish


Look closely and you can see tons of fish!


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  1. Meg,

    The kids have grown so much! I am cleaning out my computer and came across this site bookmark. I thought I would post a hello since I don't see you at anymore! Glad to see your family is doing well! You should stop by sometime. Its pretty slow there now but I still watch the Oct, Nov and Multiples boards. Its nice to see the kids all growing!

    Take care!

    Heather (and Trey & Bella)