Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding Photos

Back in April, the twins were in George’s cousin Tina’s wedding.  The pics just went up on the photographer’s website this past week.  Here are the ones of the kids.

320_Chebret_0139 320_Chebret_0140 320_Chebret_0142 320_Chebret_0144 320_Chebret_0145 320_Chebret_0146 320_Chebret_0148 320_Chebret_0149 320_Chebret_0152 320_Chebret_0202 320_Chebret_0221 320_Chebret_0222 320_Chebret_0230 320_Chebret_0306 320_Chebret_0307 320_Chebret_0520 320_Chebret_0521 320_Chebret_0522 320_Chebret_0539 320_Chebret_0540 320_Chebret_0541 320_Chebret_0706 320_Chebret_0707 320_Chebret_0729 320_Chebret_0730 320_Chebret_0731 320_Chebret_0732 320_Chebret_0750 320_Chebret_0751 320_Chebret_0945 320_Chebret_0946 320_Chebret_1002

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