Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a busy but fun Christmas this year.  Gree Gree got into town on Christmas Eve midday.  Aunt Kelly came by to drop off gifts and the kids got to open one each.  Jake absolutely loves his T2 (a remote-controlled Star Wars R2D2).  He’s had an ongoing obsession with Aunt Kelly’s Star Wars figurines for awhile, and R2D2 is his favorite.  He’s never seen the movies, just loves T2!

We headed to 4pm Children’s Mass and even though we got there a few minutes early, both the main church and the overflow Mass in the gym were  full.  We ended up watching Mass from the narthex.  After Mass we went home and opened Christmas PJ’s, changed into them, and drove around looking at lights.  We got home, got the kids to bed, and got gifts ready for Christmas morning.

Christmas morning we got up before the kids and were waiting for them downstairs.  Clare was the first one up.  She curled up in my lap for a bit.  Jake was next and he needed some snuggle time in Daddy’s lap.  I finally had to wake Grace up.  She came downstairs and went straight to her new bike.  I swear that girl can go from 0 to 6o in no time at all.

We opened presents and played for a bit, ate breakfast, and then Daddy set up the new bounce house.  The kids jumped for a bit and then went in the front to ride bikes.  Gree Gree and I got started in the kitchen while Daddy cleaned up some of the mess and kept the kids occupied.

George’s family started arriving shortly after 4pm.  We ate dinner around 7 and then opened more presents.  Everyone left around 9, I cleaned up a bit, and we all went to bed tired and ready for good night’s sleep.

In Christmas PJs and ready to look at Christmas lights


Who needs presents?  The dog’s cage is fun enough!


Clare on Christmas morning


Jake on Christmas morning


Grace heads straight for her new bike


Jake opens a new Leapster game.


Gree Gree helps Clare open her presents


She can’t wait to go for a ride


He can’t either


I love this face!


In the bounce house


Gree Gree and Mommy


Tina and the kids have some fun


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  1. The cage picture is my favorite. They look so guilty. You have beautiful children. I hope and pray that you had a wonderful Christmas. We were at the same Mass, but in the gym. We got their 30 minutes early to stand in the very front. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Merry Christmas!