Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lots of Swimming

We’ve been doing lots of swimming lately thanks to our ridiculously hot Texas summers.  The kids have really been enjoying it, and I’ve been enjoying our escapes from the house.

For Father’s day, we went to George’s parents house for swimming and crawfish.  Jacob loved to play with those things.  Fortunately, they are all gone now, and I no longer have to look at them.  They give me the heebeejeebees (I have no idea how to spell that, but you know what I mean).

As I was folding laundry a few days ago, Grace and Clare decided to dress up. 

Wearing mommy’s cami inside out and backwards


She had a t-shirt on her head right before the picture.


I love how they both have my shoes on the wrong feet.


Today’s pool outing was hot but fun.  Thanks to our new floaties, I was actually able to breathe while at the pool.  Having three young kids that can’t swim makes for a stressful time at the pool for Mommy.  Now I can watch from the shade and not have to worry that they will fall off the steps or off the edge.

Daddy taking pictures


Eating popsicles


Floating in the water


This one will barely let go of the edge


Soaking in the rays (don’t worry, the twins have lots of sunscreen on)


A cute video.  I can’t believe how big the twins are getting!

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