Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today’s Project

Grace has been begging me to paint with the “real” paints, the acrylics from a set I bought a few weeks ago.  I’ve been avoiding it just because it is a bit of extra work to set up and clean up; they aren’t washable.  We painted for about 30 minutes, just painting the inside surface of the back of a poster frame.  Everyone helped and really enjoyed the process.  Here is the result:


These are the general areas where everyone painted.  Grace pretty much painted all over, but Clare and Jake stayed mostly in the area directly in front of them.  I helped fill in bare areas and added the flower.


In other news, Aunt Kelly and Gree Gree watched the kids while George and I went to a baseball game a couple of weekends ago.  My sister took some pictures while we were gone.

Grace pretending to be Kelly


Trying to make cookies


Loving Rogue the Kitty


Clare loves kittens so much!


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  1. I love the art work. A real family effort with a beautiful result. That is a mom job isn't it. While they are young you take their effort and perfect it, just like the Blessed Mother does for our prayers.