Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

We went to get our Christmas tree, and oh my gosh was it cold!  The forecast said mid 50’s so we dressed with long sleeves and relatively light jackets, but it was so windy that the wind chill had to be in the 30’s.  It was bitterly cold!  We ended up with the babies in the Becos zipped inside our jackets.  We picked out a tree as fast as possible, played for a bit, got some hot chocolate, and headed to load up the tree.  We actually fit it inside the van!  We have half of the back seat out for extra cargo storage and we were able to just fit the tree in that spot.  No strapping it down to the roof of the car this year!

Maggie with Mommy


Bea with Daddy


With our tree – Daddy & Bea, Clare, Jacob, Grace, Mommy & Maggie


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