Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Christmas Eve

Jacob ready to open Christmas PJs and ornaments

IMG_7343 copy

Daddy & Maggie opening PJs

IMG_7344 copy

Gree Gree & Bea waiting for her turn

IMG_7345 copy

Grace helping Bea open her ornament

IMG_7350 copy

Maggie opening her ornament

IMG_7351 copy

Jacob and his shark ornament

IMG_7352 copy

More PJ opening for Bea and her sisters

IMG_7353 copy

Grace showing Bea her PJs

IMG_7358 copy

Maggie and her PJs

IMG_7362 copy

Grace and her PJs

IMG_7363 copy

Clare & Maggie, Grace & Bea, and Jacob

IMG_7367 copy

Our Tree – ready for Santa

IMG_7378 copy

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