Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rodeo Houston 2011

Last night we went to the rodeo with passes from George’s work.  We went in to the main arena and watched for a little while.  Jacob loved watching the various events.  Grace was more interested in cotton candy and heading to the carnival.

IMG_4299 copy

The kids remembered the giant slides from last year and wanted to do them first thing this year.  They were a hit once again.



Jake and Clare with Daddy right behind:

IMG_4310 IMG_4312

Mommy, Grace, and Clare all rode together.  Jacob insisted on his own teacup.  The twins loved it.  Mommy and Clare had fun for about 30 seconds and then wanted the spinning to stop.

IMG_4315 IMG_4318 IMG_4329

The twins loved the roller coaster.


Best friends!


Do I even need to say that we were so tired when we got home that we all climbed into Mommy and Daddy’s bed and went straight to sleep?  I’m pretty sure we didn’t even brush our teeth.  Don’t tell the dentist.

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