Saturday, March 05, 2011

We’ve Moved!

So I haven’t blogged in a really long time, but I have a good excuse.  We’ve been really busy since, oh…, late September.  The twins’ birthday was the beginning of October, then my birthday, then George’s birthday, then Thanksgiving, then George changes jobs, we decide that we need to move closer to his new office, we start getting our house ready to go on the market, then it’s Christmas.  The house goes on the market in January, and we moved into our new house in mid-February.  We are still getting settled although the main things are unpacked and in place. 

Unfortunately, all this turmoil means I haven’t taken many photos.  Because we actually live in the city now, I decided to get a zoo membership since we are only about 10 minutes away.  We have been twice since we joined last week, and the kids really love it.  We are picking zoo animals to learn about, going to the library and getting books about them, and then going to the zoo to see them a few days later.  This week Jake picked alligators, Grace picked pandas, and Clare picked monkeys. 

Each time we visit, we go check on this little guy:


He was born on the twins’ 5th birthday last year and is really, really cute!  We even got to see him take a bath!


Here are the twins and Clare in front of the elephants. 

Moving with three little ones has certainly had its share of adventures, but I’m thankful that we are in our new house and Daddy’s commute has been cut by a couple of hours a day.  We are all happy to see more of him!

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