Monday, January 09, 2006

The Beginning

Grace and Jake were born on October 3, 2005, about 5 weeks early. Jake arrived at 6:54pm, weighed 4lbs 14oz, and was 18 inches long. Grace arrived at 6:55pm, weighed 4lbs 10oz, and was 17 inches long. Despite their prematurity, both babies were able to breathe on their own. However, they did require additional time in the hospital to learn how to eat as their sucking reflex wasn't present yet. Grace came home after 2 weeks 2 days, and Jake came home after 2 weeks 5 days. They have grown so much since they were born. At 3 months old, they both weigh right around 11lbs.

Here are some early pics:

Grace less than 24hrs after birth

Jake less than 24hrs after birth

Jake and Grace about 1 1/2 weeks old

Jake and Grace at about 1 month old

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