Monday, January 16, 2006

If money grew on trees...

...I would buy 3 things. Well, it's kind of 4 things, but who's counting?
  1. Bumbo Seats. 1 in Lilac for Miss Grace and 1 in Aqua for Jake. These things are the coolest and everyone I know that has one absolutely loves it (or rather their baby loves it)! This is what they look like:
  2. Canon Rebel XT Digital SLR Camera. This camera is awesome, awesomely expensive, so cool, and perfect for taking pictures of Grace and Jake!
  3. Sony VAIO 820 Desktop with HT Technology. Gotta have a cool new computer to edit those digital pictures of Grace and Jake, right?
Why can't everything be free?


  1. nice blog and your scrapbooking thing is cool
    i've got twins too (2 girls) they are 5 now and it's not so difficult now (well at least it's not the same) but you will see for yourself! your little ones are very cute

  2. We'll....the babies were free weren't they....well "free"